Living beyond the dream

Mentally handicapped children at Allamano Special school thank Friends for having made it possible for them to live beyond the dream.

...some could not speak,some could not walk, and yet some appeared to struggle with coordinated breath, some could not control salivating, and still some could not feed themselves, as their limbs had failed them. These are all graces and faculties most of us take for granted until we lose them...

Thanks to you because you make a difference in them.

Friends Of Allamano Special School

“Changing Negative Disabilities Attitudes & Perceptions

by Taking one handicapped person on board”

Sports For The Mentally Handicapped

Wamagana Special Unit” which later became “Allamano Special School” started participating in the Sports for the Mentally Handicapped in 1990. The Sports were then known as “Special Olympics”.

Competition would start at the District Level then Provincial, up to National Level. After Nationals, children who excelled in particular activities would fly for Special Olympics in one of the Countries Abroad. In 1991, Wamagana Special Unit managed to take two children for Special Olympics to Minnesota – U.S.A

A simple touch can change a life

Living beyond the dream
Any observer could tell that “THE CHILDREN OF FR. GIANELLI” were one big happy lot.If Rev Fr.Antonio Gianelli’s mentally and physically handicapped children at Allamano Special School had been born at a different period of time in history ;perhaps in the early 20th century, they would not have seen the sun-light and would have been lucky to see the LIGHT of day. They would have been commissioned elsewhere, in body bags or sent on a one way mysterious mission, never to return.
But today they can sing,dance and play soccer because of you.

What my Friends have done
Alongside is the Physiotheraphy building;one of the earlier projects carried out through the efforts and donations sent through the Consolata Missionaries,Friends of Allamano and the late Rev.Fr.Father Antonio Gianelli from Italy.The equipment are basic and the school benefits from benefactors as most of the children hail from economically challenged environs having been rescued through the generous efforts of volunteers in the communities and the continuing efforts of the Government of the Republic of Kenya, NGO’s and Church based organizations who work together in the continuing efforts of transforming a culture that has for long been hostile towards persons with mental disabilities.

A Second Chance in Life
Alongside in the wheelchair is John kiongo;one of the very first students to be admitted at Allamano special school.At the time of admission he was full of fear and trusted no human being having encountered great abuse and rejection.Despite being crippled and cerebral paltic, John is such a great inspiration and loves much.He is one of the many children at the school who would love you to pay them a visit.
You are one of the friends that support the Association of Friends of Allamano Special School.You make it possible for John and the likes to see a new dawn,the dawn of hope;a second chance in life.