The Difference Between A Problem Finder & A Problem Solver

The Problem Finder

Problem Finders are easy to find .They are everywhere .They look like everyone else, however, they are more readily identified by sound. They say such things as,” somebody should do something about that, “or “the rules are stupid,” or”my boss is a jerk.”The tone of their voice is also denotable. They whine they cry, they shout, and seldom if ever considered that they could possibly be the cause of the problem. As such they live with self-sympathy and a vehemently defensive attitude. They are never wrong, consequently ,they find it impossible to apologize. They can’t wait to spread slander, love to belittle others, and can hardly let an hour go without complaining about someone or something.

Generally speaking, you can locate them In jobs that require little thought, little creativity, little responsibility, and no leadership ability. That is, if you can find them working at all. They are despised by employers, and at best, tolerated by conscientious co-workers, family members and would-be friends.

Problem finders are negative thinkers and, as such, chronic pessimist. They are depressing to be around and as a result have few friends. Their smiles are few and far between. They can’t seem to smell the roses along the way, and simply aren’t capable of being happy. They live with selfish motives in a lonely world.

If you know such persons, befriend them, be honest, and be frank. Make them aware of the benefits of change. It can occur. Thank God. IT CAN OCCUR.

The Problem Solver

These persons are ninety times more difficult to find than the Problem Finders, but are easily recognized by sight and sound. They find smiling comes easy and they project an image of self-confidence. Their immediate response to any problem, whether personally involved or not, is,”What can I do to find a solution?”

Problems to them aren’t something to simply complain about, procrastinate with or ignore altogether. Problems are challenges, opportunities to prove once value when solved. Problem solvers realize that with each solution found they become more valuable as leaders, as benefactors and as masters of their own destinies. They are wise enough to know they, too, will make mistakes, but unhesitatingly proceed to make decisions until the correct one is made.

Problem solvers are positive thinkers and as such, eternal optimists. They understand the futility of complaints criticism, slander and living in the past. They also understand the promise of for fulfillment which comes with goal setting, imagination and persistence.

Problem solvers are leaders and do-ers .Always active ,never bored and forever looking for new horizons.As such ,they are sought after by more intelligent employers and bask in the luxury of good fortune. They are respected, admired and capable of greater love as they can see the good in the worst of men.

If you know such persons, stay close, and emulate their actions. You will grow in greatness and never experience the pains of loneliness or poverty.